Are you not being heard? 

Have you ever been told that your symptoms or what you are feeling is something that you have to put up with? That it's are 'just' because of your age or gender, and the only option is to medicate? 

Yet you know in your soul that something's not quite right? Maybe you can't put your finger on what it is.

I work with women who feel there is a piece of the puzzle missing. Even if nothing shows up in conventional tests, intuitively they know that there is more to what they are being told about what they are experiencing.

Through a blend of kinesiology, coaching and other holistic methods, I can help you understand what is going on within, allowing your body to give you the answers you have been searching for. 

If you have had enough of feeling out of balance and want to feel healthier and emotionally stronger, it's time to take your healing into your own hands.

I want you to be the vibrant woman you were born to be! 


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'I would recommend Amanda because she is skilled, kind, empathetic and is able to work on a level most practitioners don't. She is able to get to the root and the core of the issue, rather than just working with the symptoms' IC

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