Kinesiology - What is it

Said to be the fastest growing therapy in the UK, Kinesiology is a gentle, non invasive form of natural healthcare, which treats the body as a whole not just a symptom.  By applying gentle pressure to a muscle (muscle testing) and evaluating the response I am able to identify any energetic imbalance within the body function, helping to uncover underlying issues that my be difficult to find by conventional methods. 


I then work with the body's natural healing ability in order to bring back balance.

What makes us ill?

Our bodies work continuously in order to maintain our health and function correctly; it completes millions of internal processes on a daily basis in order to keep fit, healthy and resistant to disease.  These sensitive processes can very easily affected by an accumulation of environmental and lifestyle factors which build up over time.  The effects that these factors have on the body, such as stress, poor diet, inherited conditions, pollutants, toxicity, negative emotions and physical trauma results in our body becoming out of balance and with imbalance comes di-ease.


 Kinesiology allows us to explore these factors and the issues that are specific to the individual, resulting in a plan of positive action to encourage good health and peace of mind.


Will it work for me?

​Below are just some of the most common problems that I work with:

Increasing energy levels

Increasing overall feelings of wellbeing

Digestive conditions

Skin conditions

Sleep problems

Joint stiffness

Urinary problems

Food Intolerance Testing

Women's hormonal problems

Relieving emotional and physical stress

Exploring subconscious belief patterns

Developing confidence and self worth

Spiritual Development

Achieving life goals/success

If you are unsure if Kinesiology could help you or would like more in-depth information regarding a specific matter, please do not hesitate to contact me for a friendly, no obligation chat. For what to expect during a session click here



Please note:  A Kinesiologist is unable to diagnose medical conditions or replace medical treatment, it may be used as a holistic way of facilitating the body's natural ability to heal itself


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