If you're feeling out of balance.

When life throws us challenges it can sometimes feel like hitting a brick wall. You might not even know - on a conscious level at least - exactly why you are suffering when you first get in touch with me.

But you know your body. All those physical and emotional symptoms are taking their toll  - you feel like your batteries are drained and you don't know where to turn. 

It's not just you! 

Maybe you are suffering from exhaustion, unexplained physical symptoms, hormonal issues, emotional overwhelm or just feel stuck and in limbo.  And while the conventional solution is to take medication, you know deep down that this will only mask the problem.  You still have that nagging feeling that there is something more going on.

You are not alone and you are not going mad! 

I work with so many women that feel the same and are in a similar situation. I help them to understand what their body is trying to tell them and help sort through the stuff that doesn't make sense! 

'Thank you for making it all so normal' H. 

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Creating a safe space to heal

True, deep healing is a journey not a quick fix.

Once you are aware of how to support yourself and your energy, your body can start to heal and feel better every day. 

My role is to facilitate that process. I hold a nurturing, sacred space where it's safe to talk and offer a mix of tools - Kinesiology, Inner child healing, Coaching, Counselling, EFT and Reiki - to help you understand and release what's holding you back.

My clients feel physically better, mentally stronger and have more trust and acceptance in themselves. 

Please note:  A Kinesiologist is unable to diagnose medical conditions or replace medical treatment, it may be used as a holistic way of facilitating the body's natural ability to heal itself