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My Journey
My healing journey 

I wasn't brought up in the alternative space. I only discovered the healing power of kinesiology and energy work in my late 20's

After going through an emotionally difficult time, I was experiencing various health problems. The icing on the cake was a debilitating stomach issue that impacted every aspect of my life. I could barley leave the bathroom, I had a list of foods as long as my arm of foods I couldn't eat and I was miserable.  The official diagnoses was IBS and with no explanation of what it was, I was handed some anti-depressants and told to put up with it for the rest of my life. 

I knew deep down those pills were not the answer. 

I was however, feeling desperate.

With nothing to loose and a big dose of skepticism, I tried kinesiology and within 5 sessions my digestion was back to normal and I haven't suffered since. 

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Guiding you from a place of awareness

I am a real truth seeker. My experience was the start of an emotional and spiritual journey that's made me much more aware of who I am and I felt a strong pull to explore it deeper.

I ate, slept and breathed kinesiology for 5 years. However, shortly after my first child was born, I fell ill this chronic exhaustion. Very quickly this turned into chronic pain all over my body and my immune system and nervous system crashed.

I knew my body. This wasn't simply new mum fatigue - despite what I was being told. After many negative medical tests and the frustration of not being heard or believed by the medical profession - I was finally told it was Fibromyalgia. The treatment plan? 'We don't do anything for that, have some anti-depressants and attend a pain management session'. 

This was not a good enough answer for me - as it shouldn't be for anyone. 

My own healing journey has seen many ups and downs but it has taught me so much along the way.  By working through the deeper underlying issues that contributed to my physical symptoms and making lifestyle changes, my health and quality of life has improved dramatically. Along the way I have opened up to my intuitive gifts, I now understand and honor my empathetic nature and I now embrace who I am. 

Most importantly, I feel empowered by taking my health into my own hands.

Listen to YOUR body  - what's it telling you? 

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