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What some clients say about me.....

“Amanda's work has made a significant, sustained and positive impact on me. I first met her when I was trying to cope with a number of personal issues including the terminal illness of a close family member.  Amanda that  is the first person I turn to when body, mind or soul needs nuturing. Amandas intuative appropach and ability to 'talk human' quickly overcame my initial skepticism and has effected a fundamental change in how I live and view the world. I am a richer person for knowing her.”


“Having suffered from acute anxiety and panic attacks for quite sometime and friend of mine suggested I seek help from Amanda.  The results have been incredible.  I am now free of the attacks and anxieties that we both ruling my life and generally feel like a huge weight has been lifted. This is a very intriguing therapy and Amanda has made me feel relaxed throughout, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and I will certainly be calling her again if any other issues arise in future ”




“ Amanda's work has helped me feel better better physically and in my relationships. By understanding and healing my innerchild I feel  much more assertive, complete and happier"


“ Working with Amanda is relaxing, enlightening  and gets to the root issue quicker than I ever thought possible.


“ Amanda is highly skilled and knowledgeable with an honest and no nonsense approach.


“ What a tonic Amanda is. To walk into her therapy room and feel totally understood, being able to share anything even down to a deep soul level, and then acknowledge gently your blocks to enable you to become fully whole and alive. 


“ Amanda is simply the most elegant, profound and deepest working healer I have ever met. Her sessions are conducted with empathy, genuiness and a deep understanding of the human condition. Her wisdom far superceeds her age. She can help...


"Amanda is truly incredible and one of a kind. I came away from our most recent session with hope for not only my future but for my children's future. I also learnt so much about myself and my emotions that I didn't even know needed learning. If you are reading this, take it as the necessary sign to take that next step to your emotional healing journey!"


"Had an amazing journey with Amanda who is very talented as a healer. She could unveil all your underlying issues that you might never have noticed. Also very inspirational and great help on my spiritual seeking"


"Amanda is an innately intuitive and very talented healer. She is warm, friendly and professional. She immediately puts you at ease. I have found my sessions, both in person and on-line, very helpful and enlightening and they have enabled me to feel more back in balance. I do not hesitate to recommend her£


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