About me.......

My introduction to Kinesiology came as a result of my own health issues. Diagnosed with IBS, I turned to Kinesiology when conventional medicine was unable to ease my symptoms. Within months after starting my treatment, my health had been turned around and I felt re-energised, symptom free and healthier in mind and body.


Kinesiology quickly became my passion and I have continued expanding my interest since becoming a practioner by completing my Angelic Reiki Masters and incorporating other therapies into my work such as Quantum K, Integrated Healing, Past life work and Spiritual Healing. 


I love the physical, emotional and spiritual enrichment that Kinesiology and Reiki continues to bring to my life and how it helps me grow on my destined path.

What some clients say about me.....

“Amanda's work has made a significant, sustained and positive impact on me. I first met her when I was trying to cope with a number of personal issues including the terminal illness of a close family member. She was recommended by my wife and has, through the two of us, also worked on both our children with positive results. I cannot profess to fully understand what  Amanda does but I do know that it works and she is the first person I turn to when body, mind or soul needs nuturing. Amandas intuative appropach and ability to 'talk human' quickly overcame my initial skepticism and has effected a fundamental change in how I live and view the world. I am a richer person for knowing her.”

N Short

“Having suffered from acute anxiety and panic attacks for quite sometime and friend of mine suggested I seek help from a Kinesiologist. The results have been incredible. A lot of the work relies on energy and emotional realignment to help your body help itself. I am now free of the attacks and anxieties that we both ruling my life and generally feel like a huge weight has been lifted. This is a very intreguing therapy and Amanda has made me feel relaxed throughout, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone and I will certainly be calling her again if any other issues arise in future ”

R Clapp



“ My son Lucas who is 2 was refusing to sleep alone - after months of sleep deprivation I went to Amanda.  After a couple of sessions , Lucas now happily goes to his bed and sleeps on his own every night!”

M Spencer

“ I have rencently taken my two daughters aged 9 and 13 to see Amanda and she is wonderful! My daughters presented with various issues including stomach problems, daytime wetting, anger and self worth issues. Amanda has helped facilitate their healing in profound ways. These sessions with  Amanda are a special gift to your children

I Gammack


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