Spiritual Healing

When I first started Kinesiology, my knowledge and understanding on the spiritual aspect of life was not something I had ever thought about. However, when undertaking my training and as my practice grew, I realised that spiritual balance was just as important as emotional and physical balance and by embracing this essence, it opened a whole new side to my treatments and my personal life. ​As my understanding and experience grew, new aspects opened up to me: the ability to work with my intuition, the ability to feel energy and most importantly, the opening of my mind which allows me to work beyond the boundaries of science and the senses.


Below are just some of the spiritual aspects that can be explored (where relevant) during a Kinesiology session:


Past lives

Soul shock/loss

Negative energy release

Life themes

Pre life contracts

Ancestral/genetic healing

Vow release

Cord cutting


Being open to working with the issues may help you explore and understanding of your own spiritual journey and may help you move through your life with more ease.


Please note: This work is non denominational and can be explored regardless of religious beliefs


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